About us

Enke Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, which specializes in producing, processing, developing and researching solid-state laser crystals. Our main products include Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Nd:Ce:YAG, Cr4+: YAG, Nd:FLY, Undopant YAG and etc. They are widely used in industry, medical, military and science research, with excellent properties. We engage in producing and researching high quality laser crystals with high efficiency, low threshold, strong output, good stability, highly precise processing. Our expert is experienced in growing crystals for 18 years and the producing technology has attained international advanced level. Nowadays, our products are saleable both at home and abroad, for we can provide high level and high quality products. Meanwhile we can produce and process laser crystals of various specifications according to customers' special demands.

We stick to our guiding principle of "Best Quality," so as to satisfy customers' different demands. And we provide high quality products and professional services for customers both at home and abroad in laser technology application.